Set up the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Take your cooking outdoors with the Keveri H1 and make your home the one place to enjoy

Something is inspiring about a meal cooked over fire. It adds another dimension to your experience outdoors, almost like a celebration every time you have your friends over. The fresh air and the open space. A ceremony of soulful music, anecdotes, and pouring glasses of wine while the smell of great food invades everywhere. That is the recipe for a perfect evening.

Make your home the place to be and transform your backyard into a 5 stars restaurant

The H1 sums up the best qualities of a smoker, wood-fired oven, traditional kitchen oven, high-temperature grill, and outdoor pizza oven, all in one piece of equipment, capable of delivering the power of an unseen outdoor charcoal oven. Make sure your outdoor kitchen is exactly what you need, learning how to place the best-designed, powerhouse charcoal oven in the nicest spot in your backyard. 

Decide where is your backyard’s sweet spot and take these easy setup tips. 

Take the following recommendations to install your Keveri H1 in an outdoor kitchen. Learn how to add the versatility of this multipurpose charcoal oven to your friendly area.

The surface shouldn’t be made of inflammable materials and must hold at least 200 pounds. There’s no need to attach your charcoal oven, just place it above the surface.

For measurements, you’ll need a space of at least 30” inches wide. Your H1 requires a minimum lateral space of 5” or 6” wide per side; this is very important for two reasons: first, space to open and close the doors, and second, proper ventilation. 

The counter height should not exceed 33”; the access to the grill racks and thermometer would be less comfortable if the counter is higher.

Every Charcoal Grill emits gases, so it’s essential to have proper ventilation. The Keveri H1 is made to be used outdoors or indoors with the correct ventilation. You should use an extractor for a more secluded space. 

If you have doubts, we would love to answer your questions through any of our contact channels. 

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