The Ultimate Pizza Oven: Keveri H1

For those who take their pizza seriously, the Keveri H1 works as the ultimate pizza oven of the season. It excels at creating crispy pizzas with deliciously cooked crust, and a charred taste.


The Keveri H1 is the Secret to Perfect Pizzas

Our multipurpose charcoal oven is designed for a variety of uses, including pizza. The Keveri H1 is not only perfect for grilling, but it also excels at creating delicious, crispy pizzas with a perfectly cooked crust. Dive into the features and benefits of the Keveri H1 and explore why it is the at-home chef's secret weapon.

The Keveri H1 is More Versatile than Your Average Pizza Oven

This Fire to Table charcoal oven offers a variety of cooking options to fit your needs. The 4 Grill Modes of your Keveri H1 will help you estimate timing and understand how to cook each specific preparation. Our Charcoal Oven is very versatile and designed for you to enjoy, experiment and perfect with variety among your recipes. While you might enjoy smoking meats or grilling classic dishes today, the Keveri H1 allows you to become a pizza expert, a baker and unlock new skills.

Our Pizza Mode

Pizza Mode is a great way to get everyone to cook together and explore creative ways to do it with this charcoal oven. We are happy to say that Pizza Mode quickly becomes a tradition among friends and families. 

This Grill Mode offers a temperature range of 720 to 790 degrees F, which makes it easy to cook traditional Neapolitan-style pizzas with a quick bake time (about 3 minutes) and the perfect crispiness on the edges, as well as Neapolitan-style crusts with a thicker, softer crust.

The temperature of your oven is a fundamental element for a good pizza. With the Pizza Mode on your Keveri H1 you will have pizzas ready in less than 3 minutes, with a perfect texture that will remind you of the classic pizzas of Napoli.

Once you've gotten the technique, there are a few recipes online that are perfect for the Keveri H1's Pizza Mode. We recommend using our Pizza Pans to give your crust a crispy bottom and help prevent sticking. 

Look no further than the Keveri H1, so much more than a classic outdoor pizza oven. Make your spring parties or family gatherings, just perfect!

Spring outdoor setting showing the one multipurpuse charcoal oven, Keveri H1 in its 2 models