Welcome to Keveri Grills' first MasterClass, we hope you enjoy it. Our goal is to help you become the best grill master you can be in record time. We will teach you everything that you need to know to become a Keveri H1 expert. Grab a beer a come with us!

You will Learn

  • Keveri Grills' history, culture and vision
  • What is the Keveri H1
  • How to assemble and install your Keveri H1
  • Everything about Keveri H1's Grilling Modes: Low&Slow, Classic, Fast Grill and Pizza
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • And much more!



We hope you're ready to take it all in. This is a project based 100% in you. We've crafted a full, easy and most entertaining digital guide. This video-lesson catalog will be an experience for you to learn all about grilling, enjoy a handful of recipes appropriate for each grilling mode, and keep up with your goal of becoming an expert, a true grillmaster in record time.

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Here we are!! At the beginning of our journey. Get immerse in Keveri Grills story our purpose and how we will help you to become a grillmaster in no time.

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Keveri H1

Learn what the Keveri H1 is and how is going to change the way you grill.

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Keveri H1 Assembly

Antonio will teach you how to assemble you Keveri H1 in just 5 minutes. Pick your partner in crime and watch this video.

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Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Your perfect outdoor kitchen project now is possible! The Keveri H1 can incorporate nicely to most places, just keep in mind the needed dimensions.

Low & Slow: Introduction

Low & Slow Mode: Slow and smoked cooking. Antonio will teach you how to turn your H1 into a vertical smoker, pit smoker or smokeless grill so you can choose your way.

Low & Slow: Lighting

Learn how to ignite your grill in the Low & Slow Mode in a simple and unique way.

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Low & Slow: Recipe

I'ts time to show off your skills! Antonio will smoke a Chicken and Chorizo, so you can put into practice everything you've learned from the Low and Slow Mode. You can't miss this one!

Classic: Introduction

Classic Mode, perfect for most preparations. Learn how to use your Keveri H1 as a charcoal grill, wooden oven or a conventional one.

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Classic: Lighting

Learn the necessary steps to light on your Keveri H1 in the Classic Mode. You’ll see how simple and fast it could be.

Classic: Recipe

Who enjoys a good taco? Antonio will teach you how to make the perfect tacos in the Classic Mode of you Keveri H1.

Fast Grill: Introduction

Find out how to use the Fast Grill Mode in the Keveri H1 and become a Professional Chef in your home.

Fast Grill: Lighting

Look out in this chapter for detailed tips on how to of fire up your Keveri H1 in the Fast Grill Mode. Quick and easy.

Fast Grill: Recipe

Antonio will show you how to make the perfect steak in less than 10 minutes. Get impressed by the versatility that Fast Grill will give you.

Pizza: Introduction

Pizza Mode! This chapter will take you to the deepest parts of Italy. Learn the benefits of cooking pizza at such high temperature, effortlessly with the help of your allied the Keveri H1.

Pizza: Lighting

Now, you're just a few steps away from Italy, you just have to fire up your Keveri H1 in the Pizza Mode. In this chapter you'll learn how its done.

Pizza: Recipe

Get ready to make and taste the finest pizzas of your life! Antonio will teach you hoe to make some traditional and sweet pizzas.

Keveir H1 Cleaning

Sure it’s been a full journey, the only step left is teching you how to clean your Keveri H1.

Thank you!

You made it! Now you’re a grillmaster. Thank you for watching this Keveri H1's Masterclass. We really hope you enjoyed it and learn about us, our product and grilling. See you around!

¡Enjoy this Masterclass as a Pro!

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