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Keveri H1 Fan Pack

Keveri H1 Fan Pack

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Loyal Keveri H1 Fan, this pack is for you. The ideal accessories to get you through any barbecue plans. These products are the perfect partner; they complement each other and will help you to become your best version of a grill master in record time.

The Fan Pack includes:

  • Extreme Heat Gloves: These gloves are ideal for every barbecue. They come with high-grade resistance to heat and are certified to be used at temperatures up to 900°F. They will also be a faithful companion in the kitchen at home. You can use it to manipulate hot pots, cast iron pans, and everything you need.
  • Pizza Pans Set: This set of 3 pans is designed to achieve the best pizzas or to nail caramelized small preparations such as seafood, bruschetta, or appetizers. With effortless maintenance, they’ll always be ready to use.
  • 5 FireStarters Bags: Light up your Keveri H1 in a few minutes and with minimum effort. They are made from natural wax, eco-friendly materials, odorless, have no effect on your food, and last up to 10 minutes once lit!
  • H1 Stainless Steel Grill Rack: An extra grill rack to increase your cooking capacity. Designed with premium materials to get the best golden crust on your favorite recipes. Easy maintenance and ability to withhold a broad range of the highest temperatures for many hours.
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