"I love the versatility of the Keveri H1, it's Liberty."


Michelin Star Chef, Los Felix




Sebastian Vargas is a celebrated Michelin Star Chef we have been inspired by for years. His attention to detail, quality, his appreciation for well-sourced ingredients, and his love of fire cooking are just some of the attributes we love about his cuisine. You can imagine how exciting it was the day we found out he owned and is a fan of the Keveri H1. A friend shared a picture of Vargas cooking from home on the Keveri H1. Elated, we reached out, and discovered that Sebastian had been using the Keveri H1 to cook his favorites, and experiment with recipes from his own backyard. Naturally, we reached out to find out more; sharing with you, directly, what he loves about cooking with Keveri.




The Chef's Perspective

"Cooking with good ingredients is everything, as cooks we are a bridge between nature and people. When you cook with fire, the fire connects you to what's around you. I find cooking at home to be a form of liberty, you have the liberty of doing whatever you want. I'm usually not the only one cooking, everybody is cooking, I enjoy this. "

I love my Keveri H1 because it is very versatile. You can either have it at really high temperatures and do pizzas in one minute just like you would do in Napoli, or then you have the whole range of heat that you can play around it. You can grill, you can stew, you can bake, you can smoke. You can put anything you have available into the Keveri H1 and magically, it comes out amazing!"


Sebastian Vargas

Originally a native of Colombia, Sebastian found himself inspired by global cuisine. He's worked at some of the most awarded restaurants around the world. Trained by the best, his experience includes cooking under Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana), Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park), and Magnus Nilssen (Faviken). In 2020, Vargas co-founded Grassfed Culture Hospitality in Miami, FL where you can experience his mastery through his restaurants Krus Kichen and Los Felix.



Tiny Farms

Tiny Farms is the go-to local resource in the Miami area for many of the top, awarded restaurants, including Sebastian's.


Farm to Fire.

At Keveri, we believe cooking great food includes sourcing great ingredients. While the grocery might be convenient, taking extra care to source what you cook from local farmers markets, farms, butchers, fish markets, spice companies, and so on, will enhance your quality of recipes. Vargas works with small farms and vineyards to bring only the best in flavor and ingredients. We chose to cook together from Tiny Farms, a local farm who supplies Vargas with many of his ingredients and has farmer's market stands for locals of Miami during high season.


It was an honor to discover that Vargas prefers the Keveri H1 to any other grills when cooking at home or out in the wild. Thank you to Sebastian Vargas, Tiny Farms, Pedro Rufin, Vanessa Diaz, Jemme Aldridge for making this possible.

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