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Keveri H1
What is Keveri H1?

Keveri H1 is a new charcoal grill concept: You can use it as a professional smoker, wood burning oven, kettle grill, charcoal grill or pizza oven. It also offers different grilling modes for you to choose from, as well as consumes a more environmentally friendly amount of charcoal compared to a regular grill.

What can you prepare in Keveri H1? What are the Grilling Modes for?

Your Keveri H1 is very versatile. The different grilling modes on your Keveri H1 will help you understand how to cook each specific recipe and how long it will take. Each Mode will create unique characteristics for your dishes!
- Low & Slow (210°F – 270°F): Perfect for long hours and smoked barbecue.
- Classic (320°F - 390°F): Enjoy every recipe of a traditional clay oven or a standard grill.
- Fast Grill (630°F - 720°F): The best steaks, seafood and vegetables with a unique crispy, browned exterior and tender, juicy interior.
- Pizza (720°F - 790°F): Bake your pizzas like a pro in just a couple of minutes.

What is the maximum temperature of Keveri H1? Why does it reach such a high temperature?

Keveri H1 is designed to take advantage of the heat produced by the charcoal. This allows it to reach very high temperatures of up to a maximum of 800°F Keveri H1’s efficiency not only allows it to reach very high temperatures but this also makes it the most stable grill in the market by maintaining the same high temperature for up to 10 hours.

What charcoal should I use? How long will it last on?

To guarantee a perfect experience, you should always use chemical free briquettes and hardwood lump charcoal. Both must be of good quality!

- For the Low & Slow Mode we recommend using briquette charcoal as they burn at lower temperatures and are more stable. This allows for the grill to be on for many hours maintaining the same temperature. You can keep your Keveri H1 on with 6 lbs for up to 15 hours or more. Click here for the perfect charcoal

- For the Classic Mode you can use both types of charcoal. You can keep your Keveri H1 on with 4 lbs for up to 8 hours or more. Click here for the perfect charcoal

- For the Fast Grill and Pizza Modes we recommend you use hardwood lump charcoal such as Quebracho. You can keep your Keveri H1 on with 7 lbs for up to 6 hours or more. Click here for the perfect charcoal

*We do not recommend the use of firewood as your main source of heat as it is less stable and a bigger pollutant.

What material should my pans and supplies be for use on a Keveri H1?

Keveri H1 reaches temperatures that can be more than double the temperature your regular grill or kitchen oven can reach. Because of this, not all your kitchen utensils can be used. In the Slow & Low and Classic Modes, temperatures are similar or less than your conventional oven. In these modes you may use pans and other kitchen utensils you would normally use in your regular kitchen oven. All these work except for clear glass utensils. For the Fast Grill Mode we recommend the use of steel and stainless steel. We especially recommend the use of cast iron. Any other materials could result in an accident. Do you not yet know of our Keveri Sizzling Pack? This is what you might be looking for.

What is the price of a Keveri H1?

We recommend you check out our online store! There you will be able to find all description of the multiple products we offer as well different prices and updates.

How should I clean my Keveri H1?

Cleaning your Keveri H1 is very important to avoid unpleasant smoke during the use of this grill. It is very easy to clean and Keveri H1 mainly does this part by itself.
a) If you periodically use your Keveri H1 in Fast Grill or Pizza Mode, these high temperatures burn the grease off so you won’t have to scrub for hours trying to get the grease off. All you have to do after using it is you can use a steel brush to scrub off any remaining residue.
b) The entire interior of Keveri H1 is made out of stainless steel at a professional gastronomic level so you can use cleaning products designed for stainless steel.
c) For the exterior, you can use alcohol and chemical free cleaning products.
d) We recommend you remove grease from the ash tray, base, and charcoal tray with the help of a spatula.

Can I use Keveri H1 in an apartment or an interior space?

Keveri H1 is ideal for outdoor spaces and even apartment patios/terraces*.
If you follow our advice guidelines with respect to smoke emission you shouldn’t have any issues. No charcoal based grill can be used in any interior space. Though it may not release visible smoke, there is always the release of toxic gases that are not visible to the eye and could cause an accident.

*You must check your municipal and state guidelines in regard to cooking on patios/terraces before using your Keveri H1 on the patio/terrace of an apartment.

How do I install my Keveri H1 in a barbecue?

You must follow the following guidelines:
- All grills release toxic gases so your outdoor kitchen must have proper air ventilation.
- If your outdoor kitchen has no proper ventilation areas, you must install an air vent over your Keveri H1 capable of extracting or pushing away the gases.

Can I move it? How is it assembled?

It weighs 160 lbs so we recommend you move it with the help of a second person. Its removable cart allows you to move your Keveri H1 easily. Assembling your Keveri H1 is very quick and easy and won’t take you more than 5 minutes to do thanks to our instructions manual. All necessary tools come included inside your Keveri H1.

What’s the cooking capacity of Keveri H1?

Your Keveri H1 comes with 2 racks of 310 squared inches each, giving it a capacity of 620 squared inches. Keveri H1 has a maximum capacity of 3 racks of 310 squared inches, giving it a total capacity of 930 squared inches.
*For reference, a kettle or kamado style grill of 18” has a capacity of around 250 squared inches and a 24” one has a capacity of around 450 squared inches

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