Keveri H1



“With one foot in the future and one in the past”. Not being satisfied with the current market products, we embarked on this incredible journey to develop the best grill in the world. Our first stop in this journey is Keveri H1.

Our main goal is for you to enjoy and connect with the tradition of cooking with charcoal. These flavors are capable of taking you to different times and places in the simplest way. You’ll be able to make the best American BBQ, italian pizzas, incredible patagonian asado and more. You decide.

We are confident that you will enjoy your Keveri H1 just as much as we have enjoyed this process. It is time for you to Shape Up Your Grill.


Experience the power of unforgettable flavors


Cook like the best chefs in the world, in your own home


Optimize your responsible use of charcoal


The company

Everything started with our passion for smoked food and the American BBQ. We then studied other BBQ styles around the world such as South American barbecues, different Mexican styles, traditional European foods, and much more.

The process of making our very own grill begins. With the help of the best pit masters, chefs, and engineers, we studied the different professional and domestic grills all around the world. Our goal: To create the first grill capable of doing it all.

We found our key to success! With the help and know-how of engineers and experts we developed unprecedented high temperature capabilities.

We did are finally ready to Shape Up Your Grill.


Our motivation

We want you to be able to enjoy a good charcoal grill in the simplest way possible. We want to help you bring your meals to that extra level and for you to enjoy your favorite recipes in the best way. We also want you to be surprised every day with what this grill can do and the culture behind it. This is why our main focus as a company is YOU.

We want to accompany you on this adventure and be able to show you how to enjoy your Keveri H1 to its maximum potential. For this reason, you will see some details that will make all the difference compared to your regular grill:

  • Modes. Our different Grilling Modes will allow you to live the experience of what it feels like to own a professional smoker, clay oven, high temperature charcoal grill, and pizza oven, all in one.
  • An exceptional Owners Manual. We show you how to use our different Grilling Modes, and give you cooking time references so you can show off your cooking skills at any given time.
  • Our social platforms and content are different. YOU are our focus and we will always be sharing with you new recipes that you can try and that you can surprise your family and friends with.


Live the experience of a true Patagonian barbecue or the country flavor that a clay oven gives you. Enjoy the amazing flavour of smoked salmon or a rich Spanish paella, Neapolitan Pizzas, and much more. We want you to connect with traditions, with flavors able to transport you and your guests to other times and places, in the simplest way. Imagine that your home is the place where you best enjoy a meal, and that you are the best host without much effort, that's what the Keveri experience is all about.


We know that your time matters and that you and your guests always deserve the best. With your Keveri H1 you will be free to do what you want, with each grilling mode of use you can innovate and surprise everyone, according to your time. Do you want to order pizza? In a couple of minutes you can do them yourself. Do you want to make a brisket for hours? You will be amazed at the temperature stability and you will have the freedom you never had.


Our efficient use system of energy will not only deliver incredible user experience, you will also use less carbon than any other equipment. With a Keveri H1 and our tips of use, you will be a responsible cook with the environment.