Versatile, high-performing, and incredibly durable.

Designed to resist the harshest of environments, giving you the freedom to cook anywhere.

The new H1 Inox has an elegant stainless steel exterior finish, making it a beautiful addition to your backyard.

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An all-in-one cooking experience

The only multipurpose charcoal oven designed to grill, smoke, roast, and bake in your backyard.

Achieve the same results as a vertical pit smoker, a charcoal grill, a pizza oven, a high-temp grill, and a wood-fired oven - all in one fiery device.

Cook what you want, where you want, and how you want. 

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  • LOW & SLOW

    210ºF - 270ºF
    Slow Cooking & Smoker Mode

    Slow cook for long hours and achieve the ultimate smoked meats. Perfect brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, picanha and other slow cooked favorites.


    320ºF - 390ºF
    Charcoal Oven & Grill

    Enjoy every recipe of a traditional
    wood-fired oven or a charcoal grill. This mode quickly turns your Keveri H1 into your favorite backyard grill.


    450ºF - 520ºF
    Breads, Pies & Pastries

    Bake and refine artisan bread. The heat from H1 will help you master your sourdough loaves, focaccia, pies, and more.


    630ºF - 720ºF
    State of the Art Cuisine

    Impress yourself and your friends. Discover the secret to many of the best restaurants in the world: a high-temperature charcoal oven.


    750ºF - 840ºF
    Italia In Your Backyard Pizza

    A friends and family favorite. Start a tradition, make it pizza night. Bake your pizzas like a pro, in just a matter of minutes. It’s that easy.

  • Great Capacity

    Cook 3x more food at one time. Adjustable grill racks and the spacious oven design allow for multiple dishes and recipes at one time. Whether you're cooking one dish or many, the H1 Inox has you covered.

  • Designed to last

    The H1 Inox is built using professional-grade stainless steel (304 stainless steel interior and exterior), capable of resisting the most extreme humidities, temperatures, and environments.

  • Safe & Sustainable

    The Keveri H1 Inox has a double steel insulated frame that guarantees reliably consistent temperatures even when cooking in the rain or snow.

The Ultimate Outdoor Oven

The H1 Inox is part of the H1 family, all of them designed for your backyard to enjoy the art of cooking with fire.