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The Grilling Modes of Keveri H1 will help you understand how to cook each specific preparation and how long it will take. Each Mode will create unique characteristics for preparation!

Low & Slow

Cook in the indirect heat zone and enjoy perfectly even cooking. If you want a higher browning, move to the direct heat zone at the end of the preparation for a couple of minutes. You just need to add small chunks of wood over the charcoal to add smoky notes to your meals.


Chicken, pork, lamb, a perfect roast and all the juicy preparations you would make in a clay oven with the unmistakable taste of charcoal grilling. You can also use Keveri H1 as Closed Lid Grill and Conventional Oven.

Fast Grill

Perfect for seafood, steaks and vegetables, all with a tender, juicy and amazing caramelization in record time. For more crust we suggest the lowest rack position and for gratin preparations, the top rack position. If you enjoy the Sous- Vide technique and the thermocirculators, Keveri H1 will be your perfect ally.


This is the secret to a perfect Italian pizza: fresh ingredients, good dough and a Keveri H1. The temperature of your oven is a fundamental element for a good pizza. With your Keveri H1 you will have pizzas ready in less than 3 min (790°F), with a perfect texture of the classic Italian pizzas.