On tour in Austin

On tour in Austin


Bud's Recording Services operates within the premises of an 80-year-old building, formerly known as Bud's Motorcycle Shop. The location is conveniently situated a mile and a half from downtown Austin.

After Bud's passing in 2015, our friend, John Trube acquired the compound from Bud's family. He transformed the building into a mixed-use complex while preserving its funky aesthetic. The recording studio itself is situated in the older section of the building, retaining the charm of its original features with concrete floors and exposed trusses from its motorcycle shop days.



With excitement, we hatched a brilliant idea: let's bring together some local chefs and some of our favorite local musicians for an unforgettable afternoon. A Keveri Backyard Party at Bud’s...

This wasn't just any run-of-the-mill gathering; it was destined to be an extraordinary backyard party, where music and food took center stage.

We found ourselves in the studio, a haven for creativity and rhythm. Antonio seized the opportunity to jam with other talented musicians, igniting the atmosphere with soulful beats. But that's not all; the studio also doubled as a storytelling sanctuary. We captured our guests' tales of culinary adventures, cooking with fire, and the magical moments that arise around the flames.

Stepping outside, the old trees swayed gently as our three Keveri grills lit up, creating a warm, inviting ambiance. The guest chefs worked their magic, impressing everyone with delicious flavors and a lot of variety.

Keveri's very own Jackie Letelier put a delightful twist on a beloved Chilean classic – the Choripan. She grilled an assortment of sausages to perfection on the Keveri H1. The sausages were accompanied by house pickles and a pebre salsa.

Not too far away, the talented baker extraordinaire, Hannah Casperian, worked her magic with the Keveri H1, crafting mouthwatering focaccia. Together, Jackie and Hannah's culinary creations were a match made in heaven, setting the perfect tone for the day's culinary journey.

Next up was Chef Amir Hajimaleki, the Executive Chef and Owner of District Kitchen. We were wowed as he grilled up a feast of chicken and ribeye, paired with an incredible selection of Persian sauces. And that wasn't all – Hanah delighted everyone once again with her exceptional pita-making skills, crafting some of the best pitas we had ever tasted, all on the remarkable Keveri H1.

Needless to say, the crowd couldn't stop raving about Chef Amir's grilled meats and Hanah's pita.

Lastly, we invited James Beard award winner Tim Byres to the party to grill up some pork and beef. It was truly a wonder to watch him in action around the Keveri. Grilling comes so naturally to him, and the result was nothing short of perfection.

It was a celebration of community, where laughter and music harmonized with the gathering of people around the fire. The day will forever remain etched in our memories as an extraordinary fusion of food, music, and connections in Austin, Texas.


It was an honor to be in Austin with these beautiful people. Thank you to everyone that made this possible our great chefs already mention and all the brands that made this possible:

Bud's Recording Studio
Silk Road Hospitality
Hannah Bakery
C.L. Butaud
Farmhouse Delivery
Garrison Brothers
Texas Keeper
Andrew Trube
Victoria Villareal
Jemme Aldridge
Ashley Bruni
Pedro Rufin
Daniel Cavazos.


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