How to Install the Keveri H1

How to Install the Keveri H1


By The Keveri Team

Cooking outside surrounded by loved ones is a way of life. When you’re cooking with Keveri H1, you’re elevating that shared experience by feeding the soul and sparking good conversation. This multipurpose outdoor oven featuring grill, smoke, roast, and bake modes gives you the freedom to cook a variety of dishes.

Its power lies in its simplicity and design making Keveri H1 easy to fit in any backyard or patio and a seamless and natural addition to your outdoor kitchen.


Here are some tips:

  • Before you nestle your grill in its sweet spot, make sure it is close enough to your kitchen allowing you to be a few steps away to grab ingredients or any additional tools like a cutting board or platter for your meat.

  • You’ll need to make sure the grill is placed on an even surface to support its weight and to provide safety from potential hazards. While measuring the space, consider the counter/surface you’ll be using and your comfort level while cooking.
  • The beauty of the Keveri H1 is that it is fueled by charcoal. In fact, it requires less charcoal than any other grill on the market. Since you don’t have to worry about existing fuel lines, you’re able to move the grill if needed.

  • While the Keveri H1 won’t release visible smoke, invisible toxic gases are always a consideration when cooking with charcoal so make sure you have adequate ventilation.

As much as you may be tempted to bring your Keveri H1 inside, it is not suitable for how it was built.

    With its versatile grill modes and its design to optimize fire while cooking, we know you’ll be creating a 5-star experience at home. We look forward to you sharing your experiences with us. Be sure to tag #KeveriFam on Instagram so we can see your beautiful meals.

    To learn more about Keveri H1, you can visit our product page and check out our MasterClass and cooking videos on YouTube.

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