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Jealous Devil Hardwood Briquets 10lb - 2 Pack

Jealous Devil Hardwood Briquets 10lb - 2 Pack

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Keveri H1: Perfect for Low & Slow and Classic mode*

Jealous Devil Maxxx elevates the BBQ briquets to a bigger, better fuel. Maxxx briquets contain no fillers, chemicals, or toxic mystery ingredients that produce bitter smoke and mountains of ash.


    So what is in them? The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal – plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it – Yes, really). We compress it into the biggest pillow briquett on the market for the longest burn time on the market – and put it in a cool waterproof resealable bag.

    100% natural ingredients: pure quebracho hardwood & a pinch of vegetable starch

    NO chemicals or toxic ingredients – borax, nitrates etc – 2x the size of typical briquets for maximum performance

    Taste-enhancing aroma & flavor – incredibly long, hot burn

    No acrid, unpleasant smoke or harsh chemical odor

    Extremely low ash production

    Won’t spark, pop, or snap

    Waterproof, resealable packaging with a side carry handle

    * Follow the instructions on the Keveri H1 Owner's Manual to have a perfect experience. With this HUGE briquets, you can use a 2 briquets row instead of a 3 briquets pyramid. 


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