Keveri’s Backyard Burgers— From Scratch

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Keveri’s Backyard Burgers— From Scratch


By The Keveri Team


Active Fire Time: 40 minutes     Total Time: 3 hours (including proof)

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and let’s be honest here: Is there anything better to celebrate America than grilling tasty burgers? Speaking of delicious, we have a recipe that combines flavor and craftiness: almost every ingredient on this recipe can be done in the Keveri H1 (yes, that includes the buns!). Our burger recipe improves on what you would usually reserve for the griddle, with a lot of charring & charcoal flavor.

We will divide the recipe into two parts: the buns, which need a lot of work and prep time, and just for the burgers, in case you’re short on time and decide to buy your brioche elsewhere. 



Makes 6, 170g single burgers 


For the brioche buns

350g bread flour

1/2 cup whole milk

10g instant yeast 

1 tsp. salt 

3 tbsp. granulated sugar 

1 whole egg, plus 1 egg yolk 

20g unsalted butter

2 tbsp. Olive oil

1 egg yolk and a splash of water as egg wash

For the aioli

1 whole egg

½ cup of olive oil

3-4 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup of lemon juice

1 tbsp. water

Salt & pepper to taste

For the burgers

1 lb Chuck & 1 lb Brisket, or 2 lb of 50 to 70% lean ground beef

½ lb smoked bacon, cut into thin strips

2 White or Yellow onions

¼ cup Cilantro

6 slices of Swiss or Gruyere cheese

2 dill pickles, sliced


2-3 lb of charcoal

High-Temperature Gloves

Stand mixer with hook attachment

Meat grinder 

Bread proofing box

Immersion blender



For the brioche buns:

Step 1: 
Start by incorporating the dry ingredients (flour, salt, sugar, yeast) into a bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer with the hook attachment.

Step 2:
Add the milk slowly and start to incorporate. When a cohesive dough forms, add the whole egg and the extra egg yolk. Then add the butter, and finally the olive oil. Knead until all the ingredients are incorporated and the dough feels smooth.
Lightly grease another bowl and let the dough proof in a warm place, covered with a damp kitchen towel, for at least 2 hours or until the dough rises half its size.

Step 3:
Dust a clean surface with flour. Set your risen dough, and divide it with a bench scraper into segments of approximately 100 grams.

Step 4:
Fold the segments into the center of the dough, rotate them, and use both hands to create round balls. Set them on a proofing surface lined with parchment paper or a nonstick tray, with at least 3 in of separation between them. Cover them with another tray or a damp kitchen towel and let them rise again for 1-2 hours or until they double in size.

Step 5:
This is a good time to set the charcoal in the Keveri H1 and start it, aiming for Classic Mode or 350-370°F (180-190°C).

Step 6:
Generously wash the buns with the egg wash and transfer them to a baking tray or The Smoke Controller plates. Bake them for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown.



    For the burgers:

    Step 1: 
    Your Keveri H1 should be set in the Classic Mode, around 350-370°F (180-190°C).

    Step 2: 
    As soon as the H1 hits the desired temperature, set the onions with skins on the lower rack for at least 30 minutes.

    Step 3: 
    Cut both pounds of chuck and brisket into small cubes. Ground the meat with a meat grinder and form round balls with the mixture, then shape them into burgers. Season with salt and pepper to taste on both sides.

    Step 4: 
    To prep the aioli:

    • In the jar of an immersion blender, add the egg yolk, the vegetable oil and the cloves of garlic.
    • Pulse continuously until the ingredients are emulsified.
    • Season with salt and pepper to taste.

      Step 5: 

      Assemble the sheets of bacon into an oven-safe pan or baking tray, and bake them until golden crisp.
      Remove the onions from the lower rack of the H1, and prep them:

      • Carefully slice them in half
      • Using tongs, transfer the non-charred, soft pieces of onion to a bowl
      • Season them with salt, lemon juice, olive oil and finely chopped cilantro

        Step 6: 

        Bake the burgers in the H1 for 7-8 minutes, or until they are lightly charred on the bottom.

        Step 7: 
        Flip them, and add the cheese on top. Grill them until the cheese is melted.
        Remember to remove the bacon from the H1 if you didn’t do it before.



          To assemble:

          Step 1: 
          Slice the brioche bun in half.

          Step 2: 
          Add a dollop of the aioli at the bottom, then a layer of the onion mixture.

          Step 3: 
          Add the patty with the cheese on top.

          Step 4: 
          Layer it with slices of bacon, dill pickles, and more aioli on the top bun.


            Cook's Notes:

            The key to this recipe is achieving that perfect char and rich charcoal flavor, so don't rush the process. Check your heat levels to ensure your burgers cook evenly and come out juicy and flavorful. Enjoy your Independence Day cookout and celebrate with the Keveri H1's culinary homemade touch!


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