Guide to Meal Prep with Residual Heat

Guide to Meal Prep with Residual Heat


Have you ever heard about residual heat in cooking? When you take your kitchen appliances to high temperatures, the heat that remains inside the cabin can be used to keep cooking a bunch of new meals with ease.

Keveri H1's ability to retain heat and accommodate multiple dishes is incredibly useful for home cooks, especially during meal prep season.

Long periods of low heat can be used to cook efficiently. Let’s find out how the Keveri H1 can help you not only to sit down and enjoy your weekend meal but also conveniently transition to plan your meals for the week in a single firing of the grill.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Meal Prep with Keveri H1's Residual Heat

Learn how to use your Keveri H1 for a main course, side dish, and a bonus meal just by using the residual heat. We’ll give you insight as to how to go from Classic Mode to Low & Slow to cook everything from start to finish.

A lot of our recipes can be done this way, and combining them to fit your ingredients and weekly meal needs is key. This is just a general guide, so don’t be afraid to get creative with different recipes and combinations.


Add the Charcoal

Select your charcoal charge depending on the Grill Mode you're starting at. Use the manual for guided instructions. Take into consideration that the H1 is extremely efficient and the double insulation walls will keep heat trapped inside for hours (as long as you don’t open it too much).
 If you experience unusual charcoal consumption, you may as well add a bit more charcoal, without disrupting your cooking process. Especially if at the end you feel like slow-cooking some more.


Your Main Course: A Classic Roasted Chicken Recipe

Our Classic Roasted Chicken tastes like family, like a warm hug, a token of warmth and appreciation. It’s one of our team's timeless favorites for a reason. Ready in just 45 minutes, a true feast assembled in a roasting pan in a fraction of the time needed for elaborate planning.
Having the Keveri H1 in Classic Mode will allow you to cook the chicken entirely, plus any sides.


Get a Few Extra Veggies to Join Your Roast

Charred vegetables make a great side, salads, dips, soups, and more. Potatoes, onions & carrots will be highly appreciated when lunch comes and you have no idea what to make. Make a soup, use them in a warm salad, toss them into your pasta, or fold them in tortillas. 
Cook your veggies with the chicken or in a separate pan. The Keveri H1 has enough space to fit them both!


Bonus: Time to Go Low & Slow

A couple of minutes before finishing your chicken and veggies, adjust your vents and set the Keveri H1 to Low & Slow Mode. Embrace the lowest temperatures for the longest hours and get an extra meal ready.

Visit our Roasted Ham recipe, which is an excellent candidate for using up your charcoal oven at low temperatures. The leftover meat can be served with various sides. Perfect for wraps and subs, and let’s be honest: who can resist a hot, smoky roasted ham sandwich on toasted baguette? 

Golden crackling whole pork leg

Cook using the leftover heat in your H1 and enjoy the perks of the weekend, relaxing and having a great time with family and friends.  As the Jackson Five cleverly said: it’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

Embrace efficiency, and savor unbelievable results. Let the Keveri H1 redefine your family meals—one recipe at a time.

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