Smoky Country-Style Shank Bourguignon

Low & Slow Mode

Smoky Country-Style Shank Bourguignon


By Antonio & Cata– Founder's Favorite


Active Fire Time: 4 hours                      Total Time: 5 hours


This is a recipe we fell in love with a long time ago. For Cata, this recipe is all about being able to share a warm and yet sophisticated stew with our loved ones. For me, Antonio, it is a recipe that brings three incredible concepts together: creativity, patience, and underrated cuts of beef. Don’t get me wrong! I love sharing it with my loved ones, but the ossobuco is kind of the underdog cut of beef in many restaurants and it’s not common at all to find in houses. There is something great about taming this beautiful piece of meat, if you dominate it, you are probably on the right path to becoming a true at-home chef.

We will use two techniques, smoking using the Low & Slow Mode and braising using the Classic Mode. With the first one, you will achieve an incredible, unique, and subtle smoky flavor. With the second, you will get the perfect texture. Together, they will create the most rewarding stew you will ever cook.



  • 6 pcs. Beef Shank
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • 3 yellow onions
  • 4 thick carrots
  • 1 garlic
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • 3 Bay leaves
  • 2 bottles of red wine
Serves 2+


  • 3 lb Natural Briquettes or Lump Charcoal
  • 1 Wood Chunk. Hickory or Oak
  • 1 Big Fireproof Casserole
  • High Heat Gloves
  • The Smoke Controller



Step 1:

First start by lighting the H1 in the Low & Slow Mode (200°F), using the Smoke Controller as a deflection plate in the lower position rack. I recommend wrapping it with aluminum paper to keep it clean. Meanwhile, chop the onions and carrots in big chunks.

Set Timer, 1 hour

Once it gets to 200 degrees, put 1 chunk of wood over the charcoal and place your ossobucos in the middle rack position. Smoke for an hour.

Step 2

Classic Mode (420-440°F)An hour later, with the ossobucos already smoked, take them out of the H1 and remove The Smoke Controller. Now you need to get the Keveri H1 up to Classic Mode. To do that open the side vent and chimney to level 4 and close the door. Once you achieve 420°F, put the side vent in 1 and chimney in 2.

Step 3

Set timer, 2-3 hours. Now it’s time to put the casserole in the middle grate position, add oil and all the chopped veggies. Wait until they caramelize and insert the ossobucos, add salt, pepper, and aromatics, and pour the wine. You will probably perceive that the temperature of the oven will drop, that is normal when you add a big mass at room temperature to any cooking appliance. Don’t worry about it, keep the suggested settings and it will recover. If it takes a long time to recover, you can open the bottom vent to position 2. Close the door and cook without a lid for 2 and a half hours or until the ossobuco is tender and the liquid has reduced at least a third of its original volume.

Step 4

Set Timer,  4-6 hours. Place the beef ribs in the mid or top rack position and set your timer. It will take somewhere around 4-6 hours to develop the perfect bark, a black peppery, and smoky crust that resembles the best of the Texas tradition.


Step 5

The Reward. After this long and beautiful journey, you will be rewarded with a generous amount of what I named The Smoky Country-Style Shank Bourguignon. I suggest serving it in a bowl since it will have a lot of rich and warm stew.


Cook's Notes:

Change the veggies and aromatics. Try different wines or even a different cut of meat. Casserole dishes are forgiving, try everything you want and make your patio smell like a boutique vineyard. If you want a more traditional Beef Bourguignon result, remove the veggies and ossobuco once it’s ready, reduce the liquid for 30 minutes, and add butter to the sauce.


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